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Showcasing Excellence: SGS Projects Unveiled

Showcasing Excellence: SGS Projects Unveiled

A Testament to Innovation Across Industries.

Dive into our curated portfolio of projects, where cutting-edge design meets precision execution, reflecting our commitment to revolutionizing telecom, construction, energy, and more.

City of Newport Beach - Lightpole NDEs

Nondestructive testing of the base perimeter weld of the cities municipal light poles. The methods employed were Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle testing. Several hundred were tested and those welds deemed failing were documented and submitted in an expedited report so that the city could get those poles repaired or replaced.

SGS Corp Newport Beach Lightpoles NDEs

North Platte Regional Airport-Lee Bird Field

SGS (formerly Twin Rivers Testing and Environmental) provided geotechnical and quality control services for the North Platte Regional Airport LBF. The scope of the project was to improve runways, hangers, and the utility lift station. SGS conducted the geotechnical investigation and provided the geotechnical report to the client. SGS also provided all of the construction material testing, which included concrete mix design services, daily batch weight, concrete batch weights, compressive and flexural testing, densities, soil testing, concrete testing, concrete coring and testing, asphalt testing, and daily concrete aggregate quality control.

North Platte Regional Airport Project SGS Corp

Book Tower Crane Inspection

SGS Provided foundation, weld, and installation inspections on a crane to determine it was installed to specs prior to a construction project. The inspection included the evaluation of but not limited to: Foundation inspection of the above grade pad/sub grade level basement shoring, Visual inspection of the Crane mast member welds and pin connection points (pre and post assembly), 12th floor tie in connections. Evaluation was performed to the provided engineered drawings.

Book Tower Crane Inspection

Hurricane Idalia Tower Inspections

Post Hurricane Idalia SGS performed 42 Priority Towers Inspections throughout FL and GA to ensure that the structures were still intact and within compliance after the hurricane.

Hurricane Idalia Tower Inspections SGS Corp

Insite Wireless Acquisition

Insite wireless’s portfolio was acquired. SGS performed TIA, Tower Mappings, Foundation Mapping, and Geotechnical reports on these towers so that the purchaser had a full inventory of what was being acquired.

Insite Wireless Acquisition SGS Corp

Carlson HS Sports Lighting Inspections

Performed climbed inspections of the 4 sports lighting poles, lighting connections and conditions, and Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, and Visual NDT at the structure base.

Sports Lighting Inspections SGS Corp

ETSU Rooftop Analysis

Customer came to SGS requested us to brainstorm potential locations for their new configuration as they were running into interferences with other carrier equipment along with stringent spacing requirements. There were multiple restraints as the building was a historic building.

SGS was able to provide recommendations by modeling the entire configuration, providing detailed notes and graphics, along with potential concerns/discussions with the landlord. This helped customer initiate multiple lines of communication with the RF & landlord and were eventually able to come to a decision and yielded a passing structural analysis.

Maryville Mount Analysis

SGS was contacted to help find solutions to avoid replacement, SGS went to the drawings board, provided detailed sketches, spacings and multiple options and helped client to go to the end user with options, At the end SGS was able to navigate and help in the decision making and was not only able to prevent mount replacement but also issue a passing MA satisfying carrier spacing requirements.

Mount Analysis SGS Corp

Vandalia Bus Class IV Construction Plan

SGS was able to call the contractor, get a plan in place, coordinated internally for this expedited request and were able to successfully provide a sealed letter by noon, an hour before. The contractor was extremely pleased that we respected the construction schedule and we able to save time and money for that project as well as kept things on schedule.

Rigging Blueprints SGS Corp

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