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Telecom Inspections

Inspections and Testing for Cell Towers and Other Structures

In the fast paced world of telecom, SGS understands what is needed to complete work accurately, safely, and in a timely manner.

Ever growing consumer demands mean there is a constant need to update the towers where networks are housed. Each time a tower is modified, it creates a risk for vulnerability to its integrity as well as the tower owners’ records of what is installed versus what is allowed on each specific site. Exposure to inclement weather and extensive wear and tear can also create issues on a cell tower.

Telecom inspections are an integral part of capturing and evaluating an infrastructure’s successful longevity. SGS has experienced crews throughout the United States to perform onsite inspections to verify the integrity, map existing conditions or verify contractor craftsmanship on the tower owners’ asset.

Our team acts as your eyes and ears on the ground and in the field. We take responsibility for your asset as if it were our own.

Post Modification Inspection

Ensure the work you pay for is the work you get! A Post Modification Inspection ensures your structure is modified to the highest standard of quality and design. If not properly inspected, poorly modified structures can suffer the inability to meet capacity requirements, incur frequent maintenance, and pose serious safety concerns.

SGS performs a thorough inspection of steel, bolting, and property around the modification scope of work. The inspection confirms compliance with Design, Contract Documents, and governing bodies. SGS provides a PE sealed report that includes the review and compilation of fabrication documents, material certifications, third party testing, and any design deviations approved by EOR.

Certified Welding Inspection

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for structures to contain missing, misplaced, or inadequate welds. SGS inspections ensure all welds are of proper location, length, and size, as specified by the Engineer of Record (EOR). We test quality and construction against standards determined by the American Welding Society Structural Welding Code-Steel, AWS D.1.1.

Our Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) provide welders with supervision and ongoing support backed by decades of combined experience and knowledge. SGS staff can work in remote, difficult-to-access areas, at any elevation, and assist welders before, during, and after the modification to improve quality and processes.

Non-Destructive Testing

With Non-Destructive testing methods, we can detect surface and subsurface weld flaws and discontinuities that are not visible to the naked eye. While these discontinuities may be small, they pose significant risks to structural integrity and safety.

Any time a construction project calls for non-destructive testing, we can perform Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, and Ultrasonic testing on any structural component, in any location, at any elevation. All SGS inspectors performing this service are ASNT SNT-TC-1A level II technicians, and each inspection is photo documented with in-depth reports.

Foundation Inspection

Once a foundation has been filled with concrete, it is near impossible to make adjustments without starting from scratch. This is why a Foundation Inspection is performed, ensuring proper rebar reinforcement prior to a concrete pour. As this inspection records the existing layout of the rebar, it can be especially useful for future modifications.

Once the rebar is inspected and determined to be in passing condition, SGS will provide a report sealed by a Professional Engineer, complete with photos, material certifications, concrete tickets, engineering drawings, and a list of approvals.

Tower Mapping

It’s not uncommon to lack information on which structural members have been used in buildings or tower construction. With Tower Mapping, you’ll have a record of the structural members and their exact locations, as well as the overall tower condition as it relates to TIA standards and applicable building codes. SGS’s in-house team is experienced in performing all manners of mapping and provides you with the necessary information for future structural analyses.

TIA Inspection

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) sets industry standards that all telecommunication towers must be built to. All critical assets and infrastructures require routine inspections and maintenance to avoid deterioration and reduce the potential for catastrophic failure. SGS performs thorough inspections of telecommunication towers, recording any and every aspect that does not meet current TIA standards, and compiles a report, complete with photos, which is then sealed by a Professional Engineer.

These inspections are critical not only to meet current TIA standards but also to ensure there are no serious infractions that might otherwise go undetected, posing safety concerns and the potential for incidents. TIA inspections are the ideal time to uncover any routine maintenance that may be required. In addition to inspecting towers, SGS can perform minor maintenance where required. Regular tower site maintenance not only maximizes the tower’s function, but helps maximize the investment on the tower.

Additional Information About SGS Inspection Services

SGS has crews nationwide with the ability to be onsite within 1 week depending on SOW.

All SGS crews are drug tested and fully certified in tower climber safety, OSHA 10/30, CPR, first aid, and RF.

SGS has Climbing Engineers with licenses in 49 states.

SGS has in-house crew members with the following certifications: 

  • ICC Certified Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector
  • ICC Certified Soil Special Inspector
  • ASNT NDT Level III and II in the Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Radiography, Ultrasonics and Visual Testing Methods
  • CWI
  • ACI Level I Field Testing Technician for Concrete Testing

SGS has no OSHA Recordables

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