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Geotechnical Engineering & Investigations

Geotechnical Engineering provides you with accurate subsurface profiles so that appropriate design and engineering decisions can be made for your building project. Typically conducted before a property is purchased or developed, Geotechnical Investigations examine the physical properties of a location’s soil and identify any potential construction problems.

Geotechnical Investigations also evaluate any distress to the earthwork and structures that have occurred due to the weakness of subsurface materials. This information is necessary to have before creating foundation designs and other structural plans.


SGS has in-house crews with a drill rig. Each crew member at SGS has a wealth of experience and is trained in the latest drilling techniques to complete all types of geotechnical projects promptly. Because SGS has on-staff Geotechnical Engineers as well as a full-service laboratory, we are able to get projects done right the first time.


SGS operates a full-service lab under the supervision of a licensed engineer. Our lab is outfitted with the equipment to perform almost any type of testing, including proctor, permeability, and reactivity. Once tests are completed, you will receive an in-depth report outlining the results.


Equal parts science and art, Geotechnical Engineering requires experienced engineers, like those at SGS, to understand and interpret lab results. Our engineers don’t just stop at reports, though. They continue to work with you throughout the entire project to help you understand the compiled values for designing foundations and provide recommendations for construction.

Additional Information About SGS Geotechnical Services

Each drilling crew member at SGS has a wealth of experience and is trained in the latest drilling techniques.

SGS’s experienced Geotechnical Engineers, as well as our full-service laboratory, allow us to provide a variety of testing services.

Lab Testing and Geotechnical Reports are completed within 10 business days of the project’s drilling.

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