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Get to Know the People
& Principles Behind SGS

What we do

SGS combines innovative engineering solutions with reputable inspection services in today’s most demanding industries. We operate with a focus on direct communication and pride ourselves on quick turnarounds of final reports. Founded on the belief that a great business is built by establishing and fostering lasting relationships with our clients, our involvement throughout each project streamlines the process from conception to completion. Our drive and commitment to excellence ensures deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded. SGS provides the peace of mind that project managers want, and the quality of product industry leaders demand.

Why we do it

We take pride in our work. From the projects we complete for our clients, to the relationships that we build with them. SGS is invested in each and every client because we understand that growth is a result of successful partnerships. Our vision is to shape the future of industrial standards and systems in both inspections and engineering. By creating an environment where our employees can thrive, we create an environment of success for our clients.

Meet our Leadership Team

Andrew Gering, CWI, President, CEO

Andrew has fostered an entrepreneurial spirit his entire life, starting his first business when he was just 18. A firm believer in leading by example and learning by doing, Andrew broke into the industry as a tower climber, learning the trade from the inside out and eventually co-founding SGS. He is a certified welding inspector and has over 15 years of industry experience.

In addition to his expertise, Andrew provides leadership and direction for SGS, setting goals and fostering an environment where self-improvement, education, and teamwork are paramount.

Daniel Sinnott, Vice President

Like Andrew, Dan began his career in telecom inspections as a tower climber. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Dan co-founded SGS in 2013. As the Vice President of Field Operations, he oversees SGS’ climbers and ensures their safety and accuracy.

With a background in telephone sales and a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Communications from Eastern Michigan University, Dan has a thorough understanding of the ideal customer experience. He is dedicated to building and maintaining SGS’ client relationships.

Nicholas Schmitt, PE, SE Vice President

Nick received his degree in Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has since amassed over 15 years of experience in the field, and designed over 5,000 new towers, 2,500 modifications, and 2,500 rigging plans. Nick holds a PE or SE license in 49 states.

Nick co-founded SGS with Andrew and Dan in 2013 with the belief that a good working environment translates to a superior customer experience. He is proud that this has proven itself true over the years, as SGS has continued to grow and exceed our client’s expectations.

At SGS, our job is to make your job easier.

The SGS Mission

Our mission is to provide today’s most demanding industries with innovative engineering solutions and expert inspection services. Teamwork, accountability, and adaptability are the core values of SGS, and they allow us to successfully achieve our mission and provide an elevated level of customer service.

How SGS Began

After decades in the industry, we came to the realization that companies are not created equally. From workflows and deliverables, to pursuing the interests of clients and employees, we wanted to do thing more efficiently, with a focus on personalized client relations. Pooling our collective experiences, we set out to create a company that provides a high-level client and employee experience, from the inside out. When SGS was founded in 2013, we made a commitment to provide a better work environment for our employees, where we did things for the right reasons, and recognized the contributions of our colleagues in the industry. 

Seven years later we are still energized and committed to that goal, maintaining a superior standard in our best practices, and the hiring and training of our team members. From humble beginnings, SGS has quickly grown to become a leader in the industry, and the higher we climb, the more grounded we become. 

Now a full-service firm, we offer nationwide inspections, engineering, construction, and geotechnical services to the biggest names in the business. We know that by doing things right the first time, fostering a healthy culture, and taking pride in our work, our customers reap the benefits. 

SGS Core Values


The ability to trust our coworkers is a powerful advantage at SGS. Through collaboration, commitment, and support, we work together to create solutions that help us reach our end goal: delivering the ultimate customer experience.


In this industry, adaptability is more than important ― it’s a necessity. At SGS, we remain proactive, flexible, and solution-oriented, identifying areas for improvement and working through unexpected challenges to best serve our customers’ needs.


At SGS, accountability is about adding value to every project we work on. We believe in open and honest communication, taking responsibility, and acting with integrity. By holding ourselves and our coworkers accountable, we deliver the highest standards of customer service.

SGS Cares About Our Community

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